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You Have a Calling to birth a new version of yourself - one that has the Power to Direct Your Destiny and one that is in Service of a New Vision - perhaps a new idea, a new solution, innovative service, or technological creation - for the advancement of humanity, and you are not sure how to actually manifest your calling.  I spent the past 10 years birthing my new vision and creating a system to accomplish just this.  How?  What qualifies me?

I believe that the souls Awakening right now are the New Generation of Visionaries and Creative Geniuses who have something profound and significant to for the advancement of humanity.  If you are reading this, it's likely you are Awakening to this Call.  

A Brief Story of My Awakening and Liberation...

I spent 11 years in professional sales for a Fortune 500 Technology company while touring part time in a rock band playing for US troops around the world.  Being raised in a southern Baptist family, my world view was quite narrow.  And as a closeted queer ginger boy living amidst a family of hunters and carpenters, there was much about myself that I had to repress - not only to survive, but to fit in and be the “good boy” mommy and daddy wanted... but what suffered the most was my Creative Genius and My Soul's Dream of being a musician and a catalyst for change.

So, I lived two lives.  One was the American Dream - complete with a beautiful wife and a secure, corporate career.  Mommy & Daddy were happy.  The other was in Shadow - my sexuality, my passions, my authentic desires, my life’s purpose - all the vehicles for my Creative Genius - how I would contribute to the awakening and empowerment of humanity.  

I spent most of those 11 years studying human potential from all the world’s traditions (particularly shamanism and psychology) - to master the ancient wisdom technologies for transformation and personal growth.  I wanted to shed the limitations from my past conditioning - to upgrade my beliefs, so I could Follow My True Dreams, and unlock my Creative Potential. 

“Ask And You Shall Receive.” 

On my 33rd Birthday I had a Radical Awakening and remembered Who I was, and Why I have come here.  I remembered that I am and always have been a queer visionary, an artist and healer with significant contributions for the advancement of humanity.  My authentic sexuality and spirituality that I had locked away as a child - for survival purposes, could no longer be repressed into the shadows.

So, my “shit hit the fan,” as they say.  And let me tell you, the longer you suppress your Truth, the bigger the “shit” when it hits the fan.  I was married to a woman and 10 years into a corporate sales career, but non of it was an expression of my authentic self and true desires.  I was blessed to get out before children were involved.  It was the most challenging four years of my life going through divorce, leaving my career, coming out to my Christian family, facing their fear and homophobia, and healing the wounds to my masculinity from early childhood sexual abuse.  Stepping into my truth has cost me many relationships, unfortunately, but ultimately for my own good. 

I left my marriage, my best friend, and my career to devote myself to my healing and the reclamation of my authentic sexuality and spirituality, and give birth to my Authentic Self and True Desires.  I made many trips, for months at a time, to the Sacred Valley of Peru to continue my work with Peruvian shamans to heal my mind, my heart, and my spirit.  Over the past decade I have participated in hundreds of healing ceremonies to heal the wounds of repression and toxic shame, to evolve my consciousness and raise my vibration to step into being a true Co-Creator of my reality and of my dreams.

Keith on his wedding day in 2009 (Age 30).  Before the "Awakening."

Keith on his wedding day in 2009 (Age 30).  Before the "Awakening."

The world began to crack when my meditation
teacher boldly and blatantly told me,
"You're not being authentic in your life and you better
make drastic changes now before children are involved."

I was blindly in love with my wife, and completely codependent (although I had no idea what that was, or that I was even in a "codependent relationship").  We loved each other so deeply... and our love was also very young and naive.  We needed each other and had a connection unlike anything we had ever experienced.  It was like a fairy tale... magic in so many ways.  I thought we would be together for ever, but little did I know where our shared spiritual journey would take us - and what it would ask of me to surrender. 

We awoke together.  We found God together... and by sheer accident.  Our shared awakenings thrust us into an obsessive journey to study healing and spirituality from many wisdom traditions and modalities.  

My first awakening occurred in 2008 in the Colorado Rockies when I had a direct mystical experience - a direct connection to Source - that felt like the "flip of a switch," in which I was given two pieces of "information,"

  1. Now I know "God" or a "Creative Intelligence" exists, and
  2. My purpose to help others awaken to the same realization and create a life they love.

So, I spent the past 9 years in a self-prescribed "Spiritual Warrior" training to prepare for this mission.  Some of the highlights include:


The core of my cosmology is shamanism - an earth-based spirituality that views everything as energy, from the physical to non-physical, and utilizes the natural world as guidance and support for personal growth and healing.  

I apprenticed with an Andean and cross-cultural shaman and have received the initiations of the Pampamesayoq (steward of the Earth), Altomesayoq (practitioner of people's medicine), and the Rites of the Munay-Ki (an ancestral body of wisdom).

Although I do not selectively practice as a "shaman," the core of what I do is strongly founded on the principles of shamanism and the Andean Medicine Wheel - a map for healing and awakening.

Preparing an offering during a healing ceremony.  The "chakana" is the ancient symbol of Andean shamanism and has its own mythology.

Preparing an offering during a healing ceremony.  The "chakana" is the ancient symbol of Andean shamanism and has its own mythology.


During my shamanic apprenticeship I came to the realization that my upbringing in a fundamental Baptist family instilled a very narrow and limited world view.  Per the instruction of my shaman, I attended a two-year seminary at one of the world's only Interfaith Seminaries to become an Ordained Interfaith Minster... to become Rev. Keith Lightning.  

This journey taught me how the world's major religions and faith traditions viewed God / Creation, and most importantly, how to "transcend" the differences and bring unity between opposing world views.  It also really helped me heal my relationship to Christianity, the very belief system that caused so much pain to myself and my family's ability to fully love me as I am.  It also ignited a new love for Mystical Christianity and the Gnostic teachings of Jesus, Mary Magdelene, and the Path of Christ Consciousness.

shalom process leader

My interest in Tantra led me to a place called Shalom Mountain Retreat Center in 2010.  Up until this point I had been really focused on my connection to Spirit and my Heart, while not being aware of or connected to what was really going on in my body, or the lower "chakras" or energy centers.  This pattern is knows as "Spiritual Bypassing," and is very common in the early stages of your spiritual journey.  The "Shalom Process" is a hybrid of modalities born out of the Human Potential movement that fuses psychotherapy, spirituality, and Core Energetics to heal emotional blockages (known as trauma) from the body... to restore the natural flow of Love to one's being.  

Graduating two-year training as a Shalom Process Leader - retreat leadership and facilitating emotional healing.

Graduating two-year training as a Shalom Process Leader - retreat leadership and facilitating emotional healing.

The human journey is inevitably traumatizing.  Trauma occurs when one of the Four Major Emotions below get stuck in the body/mind system. 

  • Pain / Grief
  • Anger / Rage
  • Fear / Terror
  • Shame / Guilt 
Trauma is not caused by the initiatory event itself (such as loss of a loved one or sexual abuse) but the system’s inability to fully experience the primal reaction, which is at the level of the animal body - to release the energetic response and come back to balance and, ultimately - love.


This was the piece that tied it all together for me and ultimately gave me a framework for working with my clients.  Founded by Arjuna Ardagh (best-selling author and spiritual teacher), this approach is designed to support individuals through the process of awakening and to integrate the multiples states and stages of the journey.  

Awakening Coaching works great when the individual has had enough of traditional psychotherapy and trying to "fix" or "analyze" what happened in the past, and is ready to fully Step Out of their Story, and Into their Glory.  In Awakening Coaching we don't need to "fix" any perceived problems, we actually Dissolve them so they cease to have limiting effects on your life and your desired destination.


For me, the greatest reward for answering the call to discover myself has been the realization of my deepest passion and purpose - MUSIC.  I toured in a rock band in my 20's playing for U.S. troops around the world, including in the war in Iraq in 2004, but it was a hobby then.  My awakening lead me into my deepest fears and to my biggest Dream.  Initially, there was a lot of resistance and grief to accepting this gift from the Universe / Creator.  

I felt like I had missed my window of opportunity - that I was too old to devote myself to music or start a music career.  I also had to grieve a deep loss for not discovering this gift earlier in my life.  I couldn't escape those feelings - I had to feel them fully, so I could be free of my past and focus my energy on directing my destiny. I have composed my first two albums and plan to launch a full band in 2017.



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